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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need on my computer to access the Learning Harbor courses?
A: We recommend using Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher. If you want to access the audio versions of the courses, you will need Macromedia Flash. Some modules also require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Q: When I start a course, it doesn't fit on my screen. Why is this happening?
A: Make sure your resolution is set to a minimum of 800 x 600. You can change resolution settings by clicking the Start button, selecting Settings, and then clicking Control Panel. This will open a new window. Click the Display Icon and then the Settings tab. You will see an area labeled Screen Area. Slide the toggle until the text below reads 800 by 600 pixels or 1024 by 768 pixels. Print these instructions.

Q: I lost my login ID and/or Password, how do I get it back?
A: Contact the person or department responsible for distributing your original login ID and/or Password information or send an e-mail to lharborhelp@aol.com including your organization or school, your first and last name.

Q: What Internet connection speed do I need to access Learning Harbor?
A: Learning Harbor will work with a 56k dial-up Internet connection. If you wish to take the courses with full audio, we recommend a broadband connection or accessing the courses from your institution.

Q: What if I click on a page but can't view some of the materials on the website?
A: If you are unable to view any of the Learning Harbor modules on the website, you need to disable pop-up blockers on your system. Pop-up blockers work in the background while you browse the Internet. When they detect a pop-up window that may be an unwanted advertisement, they automatically close the window. This can prevent the Learning Harbor website from performing properly. Depending on your browser and the pop-up blocker you are using, you may be able to set Learning Harbor as an allowed website, or you may need to disable your pop-up blocker while using Learning Harbor.

To unblock pop-ups if you are using Internet Explorer (other browsers may have different directions): Go to "Tools" on the top menu bar, click on "Pop-up Blocker" and then on "Turn-off Pop-up Blocker."

For additional assistance, consult the IT Department at your institution.

Q: On the student transcript, what does the "credit" column mean?
A: Numerical values have been assigned to the modules for the purpose of calculating hours of in-service. It does not represent Continuing Education Credits.