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Congratulations to Marion Olson from Physician Associates of Virginia. Marion is the 2014 MGMA Las Vegas conference winner of a $100 gift certificate to the store of her choice.

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  • Fire Safety in the OR
  • Preventing Surgical Site Infections
  • Imminent Death: Signs and Symptoms
  • Malignant Hyperthermia
  • Overview of the LGBT Community in the Healthcare Setting
  • End of Life Care Management
  • Safety for Home Health Employees
  • SBAR for Nurses


Burke Rehabilitation - White Plains, NY
Special Tree Rehabilitation Services - Romulus, MI
Allegany College of Maryland - Cumberland, MD
Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics, TN
Nason Hospital - Roaring Springs, PA
Francis Parker Homes - East Brunswick, NJ
Hoboken University Medical Center - Hoboken, NJ
Colusa Regional Medical Center - Colusa, CA
Monroe Hospital, Bloomington, IN
Wills Eye, NE Philadelphia. PA
Westchester Hospice and Paliative Care,White Plains, NY                            
VNA Home Care of Mercer County, Trenton, NJ
Orthopaedic  Foot and Ankle, Columbus, OH
Vascular Access Center, Philadelphia, PA
Gastrointestinal & Liver Specialists of Tidewater, Norfolk, VA
North Georgia Heart Center, Gainsville, GA
Bridgeway Senior Services, Bridgewater, NJ
Puget Sound Surgical Center, Edmonds, WA
Galen Medical Group, Chattanooga, TN
Deer Point Surgery Center, Salisbury, MD


Your successful e-learning program begins when your Learning Harbor representative assists you with your customization initiatives and guides you in selecting options for your employee module catalog assignments.

Great courseware is not of value until it is used by your employees. We help you prepare for the arrival of what may be a new way of learning.

After your web-based training is in place, Learning Harbor will continue to support your training administrators with all aspects of your program as it grows to its full potential.

The Learning Harbor community continues to grow!  We are a national organization with clients in over 25 states.  We have expanded from acute care to specialty hospitals, surgical clinics, college healthcare programs, hospice, long term care and home health.  If you know of any additional organizations that might benefit from our services, please let us know!

    What Our Subscribers, Managers and Administrators Are Saying:

    Customer Service

    • I like the examples given for responding to customers. I was also enlightened by the fact that my co-workers from other departments are also customers.
    • Great! I like the on-line format. Very convenient.
    • Excellent reminders of things we should know.

    General Infection Control

    • I think that this is an effective way to do modules. It only takes a few minutes to figure it out, and you are on your way!
    • Glad the importance of hand washing was stressed. So important, and yet most people do NOT do it.
    • User friendly and a great idea.
    • Draws attention to basic hygiene precautions that are taken for granted.
    • On-line testing is a great idea. THANK YOU!

    Electrical Safety

    • I like the cartoons. It makes the reading more enjoyable.
    • Electricity is a deadly killer and to learn as much about prevention on the topic is an excellent idea.

    Cultural Diversity

    • It is nice to see that the hospital acknowledges the difference in cultures. Great module. Thanks!
    • I like the module because it helps people to think "out of the box" and value others' beliefs.

    Patient's Bill of Rights

    • The links to obtain additional information were great.

    Strains and Sprains

    • This is an important module to remind everyone to take good care of their backs, and how hard sitting at a desk all day can be on the back.

    Other Comments

    • Easy for review and to remember.
    • Visuals make it more interesting and easier to learn than a lot of reading.
    • Simple and straightforward. That's good!
    • Convenient and time saving.
    • Very easy. Should not be a problem teaching the staff.
    • Our employees like it that they don't have to sit in a classroom for six hours.
    • It does not wreak havoc on our staffing!
    • Better able to monitor and obtain full compliance. Less falls through the cracks.
    • This is the best orientation I have ever received at a hospital. Usually, the presenters are paraded through with canned messages. This was interactive and kept my interest.



    CONTACT: Learning Harbor
    PHONE: 1.609.658.4945


    Meeting all of the Joint Commission standards is a daunting task for just about every healthcare facility in the country. One area that poses a particularly difficult challenge in today's healthcare arena is the tremendous amount of training and education that is required under the Joint Commission standards. It is difficult to take staff away from their clinical duties to attend inservices and annual mandatory training. The growing staffing shortages has only made this situation worse.

    Burke Rehabilitation Center in New York, with 600 employees, found a creative solution to their training and education needs. In February 2002, Burke became a customer of Learning Harbor, Inc. of Princeton, NJ, a provider of online education and training for healthcare employees. Instead of having to attend long, boring classroom-style training, Burke employees now fulfill their annual education requirements on their work or home-based computers via the interactive Learning Harbor website. Employees have the freedom to choose when and where they want to complete their required education.

    While some of Learning Harbor's customers offer the online education as an additional vehicle for completing annual training, Burke now requires all of its employees to use the Learning Harbor system for their "annual mandatories". Since Burke no longer offers "live" classroom-style training for their annual mandatories, their educators have more time to develop new programs and special interest inservices.

    When Laura Hrubi, of Burke's Human Resources Department was asked how employees have responded to the new online method of education, she reported, "employees are having fun with it. Some have expressed positive comments about not having to go to the meetings and being able to complete the annual requirements on their own. It is nice to walk onto a nursing unit and see a bunch of employees huddled around a computer showing each other how to use the Learning Harbor system and helping 'newcomers' to computers to navigate the system."

    The true testament to Learning Harbor's success at Burke came during their recent Joint Commission survey in May. The Joint Commission surveyors heard about the implementation of Learning Harbor when questioning the clinical staff about their annual education. The staff was excited to report that they now had a new way of meeting their mandatory requirements that they found much more interesting and "fun" than sitting in a classroom.

    The Nurse Surveyor wanted to hear more information about the Learning Harbor system, so the Human Resources Department arranged an impromptu demonstration for her. After seeing the system's components, the comprehensive yet simple testing and record-keeping system, and the extensive reporting capabilities, Laura Hrubi of Human Resources said of the Surveyor, "she thinks it is great and that many hospitals that have difficulty reaching staff with required training would be impressed as well. She was especially impressed with the ability to personalize the program with information specific to our own hospital. She was also very focused on aggregate trends and was happy to see our reports. She felt that employees with less than 100% could be looked at for additional training needs."

    In today's healthcare environment, healthcare facilities need to be as creative as possible to meet the myriad of regulations and requirements imposed upon them. The online training offered by Learning Harbor is one cost-effective solution that can have a huge impact on compliance. For more information about what Learning Harbor can do to assist your organization, visit www.learningharbor.com.